Wealth Planning Charges


This page aims to give you an indication of the potential charge associated with our Wealth Planning Service.  We will always provide the precise cost and seek your consent before undertaking any chargeable work.     

Our Wealth Planning Service relates to all types of investment and pension accounts where you need both initial and ongoing advice.  We will provide more information on the full extent of the proposition, but typically it involves a review of your circumstances, the establishment of an account with a major investment platform provider where appropriate and the selection of investments.  After that, the service aims to ensure the ongoing suitability of the platform provider, the product, the investment selection and your general servicing needs as appropriate.


Initial Charges

Our typical ‘one off’ charge for completing an initial review of your circumstances is 1% of the amount invested, subject to a minimum of £750.  For larger account sizes, initial charges are not applied to the amount exceeding £500,000.

However, when an amount is transferred from another financial adviser or Investment Product we aim to minimise the initial charge as much as possible.  On straightforward transfers we can often arrange the transaction without an initial charge, but sometimes, on more complicated ceding arrangements, an initial charge representing 1% of the amount transferred, subject to a minimum of £750, will be applied.  Again, no initial charge is applied on the balance in excess of £500,000.

Initial Charges when topping up an investment.

When you wish to top up an existing investment, we do not apply initial charges to the payment when the amount paid represents less than 10% of the investment.   For amounts that exceed 10% of the investment, a full review is required, and the 1% initial charge is applied to the payment (it will not be subject to a minimum fee).  We do not apply initial charges to additional investments when your account value exceeds £500,000.

Ongoing Charges

Our ongoing charge is determined by the level of service that you need. Our charge for investment values below £500,000 range between 0.70% and 1% of the account value each year, charged monthly in arrears.

Our ongoing charges for the value of investments in excess of £500,000 are subject to bespoke pricing depending on the products used and personal taxation circumstances of the investor.  Typically costs would range from 0.50% to 0.75% of the account value each year.

Other Charges to expect

While we do not apply charges on encashments, when starting withdrawals from a pension account for the first time, we charge a flat fee of £750 to provide advice and arrange the transition of the pension account from accumulation to deaccumulation.

On particularly complex or specialist financial arrangements we may charge more than the indicative pricing provided in this document, but will always be clear on any costs before undertaking chargeable work.

Please be mindful that the pricing outlined in this document relates only to our wealth planning service.  We will advise you on the most appropriate solution to meet your needs and objectives, which may result in an alternative service being recommended.

Finally, our charges are in addition to those applied by product providers and fund managers for example.  All costs and charges are fully disclosed.