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A Quick Introduction

Sterling Financial Services is a Nottingham-based independent financial advisory company. Our team of expert advisors have an abundance of experience and knowledge in the field of wealth management, portfolio monitoring and financial planning in general.

Typically, our services are aimed at those who have accumulated wealth and are looking for a trusted source of continued guidance. With an open, honest and frank approach, we are most concerned with getting the very best results and outcome for our clients.

Our primary purpose is to help you position your wealth in the most effective way to meet your objectives. Whether that is to mitigate inheritance tax, maintain a healthy investment portfolio, reduce income and capital taxes or to simply ensure your financial security in retirement, we can help.
Whilst we tend to focus our efforts to support our clients on an ongoing basis, we are always open to working with those seeking one-off solutions too. We often help with expert witness statements, pension projections, pension freedom withdrawals, cash flow forecasting, pension earmarking orders and auto-enrolment.

Here at Sterling we work with an ethos of delivering the ultimate in advice and guidance. Our emphasis on services that work for you set us apart from many others. You are just a phone call away from an ethically minded and hardworking team. We will do everything possible to ensure the greatest possible results from our wealth management services.

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“To date I have received good prompt service and everything was explained in straightforward terms.”

“My adviser was very helpful and very honest. I left the office with a very clear understanding of my options.”

“My adviser is very friendly, polite and professional. Everything is explained clearly and I would recommend your services to anyone”

“I cannot praise Sterling enough. I feel my finances are in safe hands.”

“Since Sterling has handled our portfolio we have received excellent service and communication.”

Investment Process and Philosophy

We are clear from the outset that no one can possibly predict the future. For those clients suited to investments with a degree of risk, we explain this in detail. Where suitable we can apply our process which continuously provides common sense guidance and direction reflecting the given economic conditions.

We believe that a diversified approach to investment yields much higher levels of success. Through our outstanding service and communication, our aim is to get you the most desired outcome. We will work with you to gauge and determine the best course of action.

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Income in Retirement Planning and Specialist Pension Services

Helping individuals effectively budget and plan their retirement income is a key service provided by Sterling. This service has risen further in popularity since the Government introduced the pension freedom legislation in April 2015.

We have a highly-skilled and experienced team who have assisted many people get prepared for a comfortable retirement whilst managing their income needs when their employment ends.

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Tax Planning and Mitigation

It is our aim to ensure that each year you maximise your returns. Much of our work involves the professional selection of the most appropriate investment strategy, but equally important is the appropriate choice of products that determine the taxation of investment proceeds.

Using a range of insights and drawing on a wide scope of knowledge, our intentions are to ensure that you are getting the most that you possibly can be.

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About Us

Established in 2000, Sterling Financial Services is an independent financial advisory firm. Based in Nottingham, we provide a national service in all areas of financial planning and wealth management.

We offer a wide range of financial services including wealth management and financial planning. An acute attention to detail along with actionable and practical advice puts you in complete control of your finances.

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Reasons To Choose Sterling

Right from the start, we make it clear that we are not a sales orientated firm. We fully appreciate that engaging or replacing a financial advisor or wealth manager is not a decision to take without thorough consideration. With that being said, we do everything we can to make your transition as smooth and easy as possible.

We make it our mission to provide warm and friendly advice complemented by expert analysis and guidance to help you and your wealth go further.

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This section contains a selection of useful calculators. Here you will find handy tools to calculate mortgage payments, savings figures and interest rates.

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Managing Wealth

We are often asked to carry out ‘one off’ transactions. We are usually more than happy to oblige. Our main focus, however, is an engagement to providing ongoing services – portfolio management, income withdrawal strategies and tax guidance as and when it is required.

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Terms And Conditions

Sterling Financial Services Terms and Conditions.

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