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Sterling, established in August 2000, is a trusted source of advice for many families and businesses across the UK. Our services are extensive, but we find our expertise most suits those who have substantial assets and assist with the selection and monitoring of portfolios starting from £500,000.

We combine both our tax planning, pension and investment expertise to ensure our clients enjoy an unrivalled service, maximising tax advantages in addition to historically strong investment returns.

We feel privileged to serve and strive every day to exceed our client’s expectations. We would never compromise our service to an existing client in favour of seeking to grow our company.

Staff retention is essential too. We hope to build relationships over decades, not months. Our aim is always to provide our clients with a one to one service from the same individuals at both adviser and administration level for as long as possible. Continuity is so valuable.

We fully understand that trust is not built overnight. Engaging a financial adviser for the first time or replacing your existing advice team is a decision that cannot be rushed. You must feel entirely comfortable with your chosen firm before sharing sensitive information about your finances and aspirations. We are very patient, friendly, and unbiased.

Our business has grown by delivering consistently high service levels, strong investment performance and an open approach. What is right for you and your individual circumstances is always our focus.

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Call Us For Expert Advice On:

0115 958 4115 or 0345 408 0707

Call Us For Expert Advice On:

0115 958 4115 or 0345 408 0707

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