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Tax-efficient Options

As life expectancy in the UK continues to rise, financial planning is becoming increasingly important. If you are thinking of saving for retirement, then you might consider a pension to be the best way to ensure you have enough to live on when you are older.

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What is auto-enrolment?

One of the largest shake-ups in the history of UK pensions, automatic enrolment (auto-enrolment) was introduced in 2012 to provide wider access to pension savings. A changing demographic backdrop means that, although people in the UK are living longer, they are not saving enough to finance their increasingly long retirements.

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The Benefits of Regular Savings

In the complex world of investment, timing appears to be crucial. However – unless you are gifted with foresight – you cannot predict what the stock market will do. This presents a problem for investors: not only to decide when to invest but also when eventually to pull their money out of the market.

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Investing In Children

No parent will need reminding that children are expensive. Of course, there are the day-to-day running costs of clothes, shoes – not to mention large mobile phone bills – but there are also some potential surprises. An increasing proportion of first-time buyers are drawing on parental support to buy their home.

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