Reasons to Choose Sterling

Apart from a general feeling of comfort, we feel that there are five key areas that you should consider when choosing a financial services organisation. Here at Sterling Financial Services, we believe that charges, competence, investment process, scope of service and client feedback are vital components when it comes to choosing a company you can trust.

Investment Process

We have tracked all investment decisions and the reasoning behind them since 2008. We can provide details of the overall performance of our most popular investment solutions. We can share with you our approach to wealth planning and provide evidence of how our service has worked in practice. With this information in front of you, you can easily see how we believe we have helped investors get the most from their capital.


The firm operates a strict Training and Competency Scheme for all advisers. We can share with you our rigorous training programme, evidencing that your adviser maintains knowledge to a high standard in all areas of financial planning and wealth planning. Not only do you receive a service provided by a skilled and knowledgeable team, the ever-improving nature of our operations is designed with the aim of better results every day.

Client Feedback

Every year we ask our clients for their feedback on their experience with Sterling. These results are completely anonymous and provide us with an insight into how our clients feel about the service provided. We can share with you the results of our Client Feedback questionnaires since 2008. Genuine reviews from real people can show exactly where we excel and equally where we can improve.

Scope of Service

We are independent, whole of market financial advisers. We also have additional permissions to provide advice on Defined Benefit Pension Schemes.

We are not, however, authorised to provide mortgage or debt advice. Nor are we authorised to provide advice on Equity Release Schemes. We operate to strict service standards which are reviewed and improved where appropriate to  help ensure that we do not fall short of your expectations.


The nature of the charges applied will depend precisely on the service selected, the amount invested and how complicated your financial affairs are.

When it comes to helping you regularly with your investments, our aim is to charge as little as possible to establish your account. We want to help ensure that your capital gets off to a good start and is not disadvantaged by large setup costs. Typically, initial costs are set at around 1% of the value of your investments. This is discounted for larger investments but sometimes increased where the case is more complex or labour intensive.

Our regular charge for assisting with the ongoing selection of investments, ongoing tax guidance and general advice is up to 1% of the account value each year. This is discounted for accounts in excess of £500,000 and further discounted for accounts in excess of £1,000,000.

There is no minimum engagement period and you can terminate your agreement with us at any time without notice or penalty.

We will always provide a fixed price for work which does not involve our ongoing engagement. This price will depend entirely on the type of work required and its complexity.

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